Published On: Fri, Jul 13th, 2018

‘Pokémon’ Pikachu Comes To Funko Pop!

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Funko, the pop culture toy collectible company famous for their Pop! vinyl figures, made an announcement on Thursday about a new item they’re planning to release. A specific date for the debut has not been stated; however buzz is already going around on Variety, hyping the coming soon addition of Pokémon Pop! Figures to Target stores at some point in July.

Coming in at number 353 in this long line of big headed figurines will be none other than the beloved. yellow electric mouse-creature, Pikachu. It’s not clear if the company is planning an actual long line of Pokémon toys, or if this will be a one and done type of scenario is uncertain at this point, since the company has not made a clear statement regarding that specific question.

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‘Pokémon’ Pikachu Comes To Funko Pop!