Published On: Wed, Nov 14th, 2018

Madeleine McCann Investigation Awarded Another £150,000

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Posters requesting the return of Madeline McCann

The Home Office has confirmed that the investigation into the disappearance of Madeleine McCann will be receiving another financial boost with an extra £150,000 (nearly $ 200,000).

As reported by the BBC, the new funding will allow the investigation to continue up until the end of March in 2019. So far, a total of around £11.75 million (approximately $ 15 million) has been spent on the search, nicknamed Operation Grange.

Madeleine famously disappeared from her bed in her parents’ holiday apartment at the Praia da Luz resort in Portugal in early May 2007, while her parents were having dinner nearby. The preliminary investigation was handled by Portuguese authorities, but after their search came up empty in 2011, Scotland Yard took over.

In May last year, when the 10th anniversary of her disappearance rolled around, police disclosed that approximately 40,000 documents have been reviewed as part of the case, and over 600 people have been individually investigated. Met Police also conducted a search at the resort in 2014.

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Madeleine McCann Investigation Awarded Another £150,000